Keto Reset Advanced Nutition Programme


The 30 day Keto Reset programs aims to help people into a state of nutritional ketosis. Ketosis is when the body has the ability to burn fat as fuel and this naturally creates fats called ketones. Ketones can burn fat more efficiently than carbohydrates can. In a state of Ketosis you become a fat burner rather than a sugar burner.

People who do the Keto Reset say that their overall health and feelings of wellness improves. Ketogenic nutrition can help people with weight loss, blood sugar balance, healthy brain and digestive function, reduce inflammation and improve a person's sleep and energy levels.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live! Our Keto Reset is based online. You will receive all the information you need without having to leave your house.

Go to Keto Website for more information or to sign up to the programme.

Use code BODYAUDIT when you book to receive $5 off this programme.

*Please note: this challenge is not suitable for breastfeeding or expectant mothers, however 10 Week Challenge is, so please direct your consideration there and just use the same code to get your discount. 


Kim Brown