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Body Audit NZ was founded by Michelle Rosewarne and business partner Kim Brown in March 2015.  Michelle and Kim, who both have business and management backgrounds, they were both looking for something new when they met at a Boxing class in 2012.  Kim realised her health and fitness were in need of a serious change and was lucky enough to do a similar test which changed her life, and that's when they quickly realised they needed to share this with others and Body Audit NZ was formed.

Body Audit NZ has been providing Mobile Body Composition Testing Services to groups and workplaces New Zealand wide using medically graded analysers since they started in March 2015.  The machine and app are the latest technology and among the first of their kind in New Zealand, you can even track results through your smart phone. 

Knowledge is power!
Now more than ever, people want to know more about their bodies; they want motivation, support, accountability and tracking - they want results! We encourage people to understand the importance of their own body composition, rather than focusing on the number on the scales.

This is the information you need to succeed!
This is a valuable tool because the Evolt ecosystem’s key characteristic is data driven insights that provide a holistic view of a person’s fitness levels, physical health and well-being goals. Body Audit offers answers and support for people who want to enhance their overall health, fitness and well-being. Scans are non-invasive, done fully clothed and take around 30 seconds. You will receive your results instantly and the total process including explanation takes around 10 minutes. 

Would you like to see your own reference ranges and set realistic goals based on your own body?                                      
Are you stuck in a rut? Have you hit a plateau? Are you sick of the scales not reflecting your hard work? Do you want to learn your "real" body age and find out what is happening with your visceral fat (fat around your organs)?  High levels can be indication to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Having a scan WILL motivate you! Wouldn't it be great to be able to test if your changes you make to your food and exercise regime is actually working? Well now you can!



This is next level health and fitness testing, using the latest technology.
For only $45 you will receive a comprehensive A4 colour report, including; Fat & Muscle %, Body weight, Total Body Water, Protein, Bone Mineral estimate, Fat Mass, Skeletal Muscle, Fat Free Mass, Internal/Visceral Fat (the potentially dangerous hidden fat around our organs), learn your macros based on your results, get a segmental analysis of your arms, legs & trunk, B.M.R, body age,  & more. You will also get instant access to the Evolt Active App, where you can track your progress, gain insights, share your journey or motivate yourself by following the stories of others. Connect with friends, workmates and a like minded community on your journey to better health, store and compare your results, learn your macro nutrient requirements and much more.

BIA testing is widely used in public health, medical, fitness, sports training, weight-loss and other industries. 
We recommend our clients scan around every 8 weeks to track their progress, this will help to stay on track, highlight any necessary adjustments and keep that motivation going!

We partner with Work Places, including Corporate Wellness Initiatives, Schools, Hospitals, Pharmacy's, Sports Teams, Personal Trainers, Multiple Week Challenges, Boot Camps, Gyms, and much more.

If you have the numbers we will travel ANYWHERE!
We look forward to working with you.
We know you will be impressed!