Reviews from our clients

As a personal trainer I have used Body Audit for many of my clients as an accurate tool to report and track their progress both in and out of the gym. Body Audit is state of the art and takes the inaccuracy out of conventional testing without the likes of a measuring tape, dodgy scales or callipers. It has personally helped me immensely that my clients have a regular analysis report. I have found using Body Audit has been very beneficial for my clients in monitoring, particularly to make changes where needed so that they can reach their goals and prevent falling short.

Kim and Michelle are both approachable and professional, they explain the report comprehensively but in a way that allows the individual to make sense of their own body so they can then take the right steps to illicit positive change on their own training/nutrition and overall lifestyle.

I endorse and recommend Body Audit to give you an accurate and honest edge in your overall wellbeing. You don’t have to be an elite athlete or even regular gym goer. It might just be the kick start you need to get you back on track or take you down a better path
— Dominic Beight

Body Audit NZ is a great tool and bench mark system for you or your clients to use. It doesn’t take long to complete but the information it provides can give you a great idea of where your body is at. Michelle and Kim that are running these clinics are great, very friendly and helpful.
— Sam Hill

Body Audit NZ have been a great help for me with my training. I was able to keep myself on track and accountable while on my 8 week challenge at the gym. Without having the body composition analysis , I would of been disheartened with my tracking of results as the scales were not moving much. After having the scan I was excited to see that things were changing especially my fat percentage going down and my muscle increasing. It was easy to understand the report and I would highly recommend Kim & Michelle for anyone looking to track their true progress.
— Trudy Fleck

With the support of the team at body audit nz I have achieved so many fitness goals over the last six months. Previously at times when the scale hasn’t budged an inch... I have started to second guess ... to question my training my nutrition ... I actually start to loose motivation and wonder why I’m working so damned hard for nothing! Then in came Body Audit NZ ... No more scales and no more doubt. I know now that dropping only 2 kg in six months

means nothing ... I’ve lost 1 kg of fat off each leg and replaced it with 700gms of muscle PER LEG ... I’ve lost 2.6kg of fat on my torso and replaced it with 1.5 kg of muscle... Ive lost 4 levels of visceral fat and a total of 6% body fat lost!!!! Would I have given up if all I knew was I busted my gut and lost 2kg??? Most likely! Thank you team! Looking forward to the next six months together and can’t wait for you to tell me I am officially classed as ATHLETIC! No more scales for this athlete.
— Tabatha Milne

These gals are fantastic! Really inspiring and professional. First visit in 2016 shocked me into making serious lifestyle changes but they were non-judgmental and as a result I gained confidence to join a gym. Because of these lovely people and my gym team I’ve gained so much health and happiness. I love Body Audit NZ. Would recommend to anyone!
— Emma Mitchell

A while ago my husband was told by the lovely Body Audit ladies (and by me) to eat more. He was quite reluctant to do so as he did not want to put on fat. But he gave it a go and gained 5 kg. At the last body scan it was revealed that this was pretty much all muscle while he has actually lost a good amount of fat. Shows you the number on the scale means nothing. He’s done really well and is now 8 years younger than his age.
— Sabine Osthorst

This service was great! It helped me track my progress during my IsaBody Challenge. Everyone was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The scan allows you to not only see how much Body Fat you have lost, but also how much muscle you have gained! Plus a whole bunch of other valuable information. I really liked how it isolates a body section(like an arm) and details how much BF, and muscle there is. I really recommend it for everyone; from athletes, to those just wanting to know how your New Year Resolution is going.
— Scott. S

I can thoroughly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. I had the audit done in February and the result gave me the impetus to adjust some of the bad habits that had crept in to my lifestyle post EQ. So that simple step of getting the Audit done began my renewed journey to a healthier way of moving, eating and thinking. Those original audit results were always on my mind because I wanted to see a change, particularly in some areas. When I redid the test 3 months later the progress I had made was clearly mapped and very exciting because I truly did see the positive change. It is so good to have the audit measurement as a guide to compel you to develop better habits with the goals I set and progress I made quite clearly mapped out. If anyone needs help or guidance in planning or making a change to a healthier happier more energized self, then I’d highly recommend doing this!
— Cathy White

Body Audit is run by a group of lovely ladies who are so warm, welcoming and friendly. I recently had my fourth body composition scan resulting in great results in only eight weeks due to becoming more consistent and specific with workouts and doing a complete overhaul of my diet, to reduce processed/packaged foods and eat a lot more veggies and whole foods. It’s fantastic to be able to see specific measurable changes in the scan results and I believe the majority of my good results were due to the dietary changes including dropping 3 levels of visceral fat, to finally be in the balanced zone, and reducing a good amount of body fat while still retaining muscle. The lovely ladies at Body Audit were so supportive and encouraging and really enjoy celebrating your victories with you. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. I would highly recommend this service for any and all, it’s a really worthwhile assessment of your body health and fitness.
— Leigh Hamilton-Leigh

I highly recommend Body Audit NZ to anyone with any health and fitness goals they would like to achieve, weather just starting out or further along the journey towards their goals. The thorough print out has lots of valuable information for all the metrics you may be interested in tracking or improving and the ladies are very friendly and knowledgeable. The promise of future audits definitely helps to keep you focused and on the right track, and it’s hugely inspiring to see the progress you have made between audits! Keep up the good work!
— Jamie Smith

I’d highly recommend anyone either considering staring a weight loss or exercise programme to get an assessment from you as this will provide them with a base line on which to measure their progress in losing weight/increasing their fitness. I wish your system had been around a few years ago when I made the decision to start exercising and adjust my eating habits - if I had, I’d have hard written evidence that all the early morning bootcamps were worthwhile. Prior to having one of your assessments the only real evidence was I was wearing jeans several sizes smaller.
A lot of medical assessments rely heavily on the BMI as an indicator of overall weight (and presumably health) - using that I’m considered to be overweight (most all of the All Blacks on the basis of BMI I guess would be considered obese). Your process of looking at the whole body composition taking into account weight, fat and muscle gives me a much more realistic (and flattering) assessment of my health. By having regular assessments from you I’m getting a good and reassuring check that my fitness and diet are maintaining a healthy lifestyle - any negative changes can be spotted and rectified early.
Again I’d highly recommend your testing regime and a quote from one of your other reviewers sums it up quite nicely with - “The body composition analyzer is beneficial for those who want to lose weight, to track their progress and ensure that they are losing fat mass and not muscle mass or water weight”.
— Adam Lawson