Spoiled Spinach & Choosing the Easy Road!


Life isn’t always easy in fact sometimes it is really hard.  Sometimes though we make things more difficult for ourselves when there actually might be an easier option. Do you even consider other options?

This story begins with a spoiled bag of spinach. Spinach is a vitamin rich ingredient great for adding to meals to increase the vegetable content.

Until recently, the regular spinach with the root crowns in place has always made it home to my fridge because I believed I was making the most cost effective choice. Unfortunately this spinach was more often than not spoiling because I was avoiding using it due to the preparation required, so I decided to review my options.

I realised that if this spinach was just spoiling without being used, then this was not the cost effective strategy I had dreamed of in the vege isle. I also realised that there is waste with this spinach when I remove and don’t use the root crowns which also needs to be factored into its cost.

So I found an option that was a bit more expensive off the shelf, BUT it was ready to go, no cleaning off soil or cutting off the root crown.

This option ticked boxes for me. Dinner preparation was easier and less time consuming and the spinach didn’t spoil in the fridge, it ended up in my tummy.

If you want the unwashed spinach with the root crowns in place, you’re going to use it and you have the time to prepare it, then there is no issue. However, if you are like me and often pushed for time, your spinach is spoiling before you use it and you are not achieving an optimal vegetable intake, there could be a better option to consider.

I have decided I would rather have spinach than not so I need to ensure the spinach I buy I actually use. If this means paying a dollar or two more, then I’m happy with that. Though I realise the thought of spending a dollar more on items may seem daunting and outside the budget, review your food waste and see if you are actually using what you buy and then make adjustments accordingly. 

This same strategy can be applied to other areas of your life. Where can you adjust your choice and experience an easier life?

This spoiled spinach story is just one example, inspired by many a spoiled bunch of the green stuff and a conscious choice to stop doing the same thing and choose an alternative.

Here’s another ... How about purging your plastics drawer in the kitchen? Just how many containers and lids that don’t match are you holding on to and then you have to search through to find a set that do match? (One of my pet peeves!)

Of course the easy road isn’t always the best option, but sometimes we can make small changes to be kinder and easier on ourselves. It’s up to us to make conscious choices that enable us to be our best selves.

Have a happy, healthy and easier June, keep warm!

Sarah-Jane Stringer