When it gets colder...

The leaves are falling from the trees, there’s a slight bite in the air and you’ll be thinking of dusting off your winter coat for the cooler months ahead.  You may have already even enjoyed a soup or two or put another blanket on the bed. Daylight saving has ended and the nights will be drawing to a close sooner. The reality is, it’s getting cooler and we want to give you a few top tips for keeping happy and healthy over the coming cooler months as they start to set in.

Exercise is something that can definitely change with the seasons depending on what kind of exerciser you are. If you’ve stayed away from the gym over the spring and summer months while you’ve taken advantage of the outdoors, the time is likely approaching to head back.  It’s important to keep an exercise regime that works for you during the cooler months. When it’s cold it can be completely uninspiring to exercise as the thought of peeling the already warm clothes off your body to change into cold exercise gear is not appealing or a pleasant experience. However, this hurdle is easy to overcome if you’re happy with the exercise you’re heading into. Finding the right exercise regime for you over the cooler months is something that needs careful consideration as you need to be inspired by and enjoy the activity. If you find the outdoors too hard for exercising in the cooler months, find something else. Set aside half an hour to do some research into what’s going on in your area over this time that you could get involved in to keep your body moving. Schedule the exercise you will do each week and keep yourself accountable.

Be aware that your body will want and crave different foods when it gets colder outside.  For example, on a winter’s day, a lettuce salad may just not hit the mark and a warm soup could instead be the winner. Experiment and get excited for what new food and recipes you could try over this time to nourish your body with whole and nutrient-dense meals and snacks. Consider where you will source the ingredients and how you will fit this into your schedule.

Keep hydrated. Ensuring your water intake is well balanced, not too much and not too little, can help to keep cravings under control. When you get a craving, have a drink of water and see if a few minutes later you still experience the same craving. How easy do you find it to keep hydrated? Do you carry a water bottle? Should you purchase a stylish drink bottle to inspire you to keep your water intake at an optimum level? Make plans for how to stay hydrated.

How will you keep happy and positive when the colder weather sets in? Nourishing your body well with good food and exercise is key. In addition, you could set some dates for a few of your favourite activities. Don’t shut yourself away during the cooler weather. When the sun is out, dress up warm and take a walk in the park. You could plan a weekend away. You could try a new hobby. What activities will you do over the coming months? Who will you do them with? It’s time to get planning.

Be happy, exercise and eat well!


Kim Brown