Live the Life of your Dreams!

Do you spring out of bed every day with zest and passion for the life you are living? Or are you feeling a bit stuck? The good news is, if it is the latter, you are in charge! You only get one shot at this life, so make sure you’re living it now!

Just like stores need to do a stock take on occasion, our lives can benefit from the same. A stock take, a spring clean, an audit, a check-in, whatever you want to call it. Stop, take stock and consider where you’re at.

First things first. Get clear on what you are taking stock of. It could be any of the following and many more; social life, physical activity, education, health, home cooking, relationships, food, drink, career. 

Establish your truth. If you consider yourself five years ago, how far have you come in your journey? Yes, “your journey”. We can sometimes get caught up living a life we think is expected of us instead of the life we want to live. Expectations may come from family, friends, society, social media etc. In your stock take, establish where you may be living according to expectations other than your own. In other words, are you are hanging out next to the tomato sauce when you would way rather hang out next to the green vegetables? Don’t let expectation get in the way of your dreams.

Consider the condition of your stock. No doubt you can identify some imperfections or deficiencies, small or large. The crux of the matter is you have to decide whether you want to improve things, or not. Nothing will happen if you do not take action. Are you willing to take the action steps required? Caution: it is most likely not going to be easy work. You will need commitment, strength and a meaningful reason to support the change. Challenge accepted!

I believe we all innately have an understanding of what nourishes us and what does not, on a food level and beyond. But sometimes, influence of choice can deter us away from making our best decisions.  If you have identified some areas you want to work on, you need to develop clear action steps to take and what you can do to stay on track when tempting situations arise. How will you react?

A challenge can seem more achievable if you break it into bite size pieces. Considering the entire task may just simply be overwhelming. Breaking the job into smaller action steps is the ticket to success! When it gets difficult, it is the perfect time to remind yourself of that meaningful reason to support the change. This puts emphasis on the end benefit and provides strength in the process. You will show up so differently to the world each day if you are living the life you want to.                         

Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Stocks have been taken, and hopefully you have some clear goals with concise action steps that you are going to take.

Go and live the life of your dreams!

Kim Brown