Spring into a healthier relationship with food


The food and liquid that passes your lips can tell you a lot about yourself, if you let the story be told. That chocolate bar you demolished at afternoon tea time, was that really about true hunger or nourishment? Or was it about a stressful morning, followed by an afternoon full of deadlines and a never-ending to-do list? And somehow, in that moment, the chocolate bar seemed like the answer. But what’s your story?

Why do we consume food for so many other reasons other than hunger and nourishment? When you feel stressed, why is the innate response not to go for a run? I believe this comes down to the quick and temporary enjoyment that we have learnt that food can provide, seemly painless at the time.

The processed junk in packets, the oversized muffins and slices and carbonated beverages have taken a dominating presence in our society and permeated our food supply; so much that it is now hard to imagine a world where these things didn’t exist. Your body must deal with and process everything you choose to consume. Real whole food versus processed, chemical-packed junk presents two very different situations in your digestive system. It makes so much sense that consuming artificial and chemically engineered junk will require the body to work differently than consuming real whole food. And that kind of different isn’t good for you.

Disclaimer; one chocolate bar isn’t going to be the deal breaker. It is the reincarnation of that chocolate bar day after day. It’s so much bigger than that one time; it’s about your story.

The reality is, we eat for so many other reasons than hunger and nourishment. Take a moment to consider these reasons for you. Boredom? Stress? Habit? Social occasion?

Challenge: Find your story. Anything consumed because of boredom, habit or stress is only providing a temporary relief. That’s right, the boredom, habit or stress will not have left by the time you reach the bottom of the packet. And really, then what do you do?

Aim to recognise when you are eating for hunger and nourishment. Any other time, explore your story. Are you are stressed? Notice it, label it. Don’t let it transform into an empty chocolate bar wrapper. Turn it into a glass of water and a brief walk in fresh air. Then, if you are actually hungry, choose something nourishing.

Spring is a great time for change! Consider your story and challenge it for a healthier and happier you.

Bonus real whole food snack idea…

Cut cauliflower into pieces.
Toss them in olive oil, cumin and a pinch of sea salt
Bake at 180°C for 20 minutes (depending on the size of your florets)
Enjoy with a quality condiment, such as a real food hummus.

Kim Brown