"Listen Up"

Hello 2018! 

The festive season is drawing to a close while summer continues! Likely to have indulged on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and many of the days either side, how are you feeling?

Your body feeds back to you about your choices. You must tune in and listen up!

If you feel boated, that’s feedback from your body. If you feel sluggish, tired, sick, happy or sad, consider if this is your body feeding back to you. Your body’s feedback gives you the opportunity to make a change or confirm you are on the right track. Don’t ignore or discount your body’s important messages; be wise and recognise! 

If you are feeling a way that you’d rather not, lucky for you it’s the start of 2018! The perfect time to make a change or decide to commit to a different lifestyle choice. 

Nourishment definitely is the food and drink we put in our mouths. However, it also includes the air we breathe, the friendships we have, the work we do, our home environment, our finances, physical activity, hobbies, our creativity, and much more. If your nourishment is out of alignment, your body is tuned to send you important messages in hope you will make changes to realign your nourishment.

This feedback allows you to make changes to better your health and wellbeing. You can live a lifestyle aiming to prevent illness and disease by committing to nourish your body according to what you as an individual require. It’s never too late to start making changes. 

You can commit to your nourishment, health and well-being by tuning into your body’s feedback and acting upon it accordingly. Make it a goal to listen up in 2018! 

You are strong enough to handle any hurdles that present. If you fall, dust off the dirt and get back up. Ain’t nothing gunna break your stride!

Have a happy, healthy and nourishing year!



Kim Brown