What and Why...

Are you keeping your scan results sheets somewhere safe? Or can you readily access your results using the Evolt Active App? If you haven’t looked at your last results in a while, why not dig them out and see what your stats were?! How are you tracking? How does this compare with how you are actually feeling? 

If you are tracking well with your goals, chances are you’ll be feeling fantastic! If you’ve taken a short break or are experiencing the effects of indulging in many Christmas mince pies, chances are this will translate into how you show up each day. But the good news is, it’s never too late to make a change and get back on that train to success!

A good place to start is to identify and really understand your goals. What do you want?  Do you want to lower your body fat? Or increase your muscle mass? Or perhaps you want to target that visceral fat? But by how much? When will you achieve this? How will you measure your success? Make your goals specific and commit to when you want to achieve them by. If your ultimate goal is huge, recognise this and break it down into bite size pieces to give yourself the best chance of success and prevent becoming overwhelmed. Write your goals down and put them in a place that you’ll see them often. Stick the piece of paper to your bathroom mirror or wrap it around your eftpos card!

Once you have identified your goals, finding the inner strength to live in alignment with the necessary steps to achieve them can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes you must dig deep. You are stronger than you think and have the power to work towards achieving what you truly desire. Finding your motivator or your driver is key to achieving your goals and keeping yourself on track. You will have the most success with your goals when achieving them enables you to live the life you want.

What will it mean for you to achieve your goals? There has to be a why, that thing that drives you to stick with it. For example, will reaching your goal weight enable your body to keep up with your kids? Are you wanting a new level of confidence and feel good? Are you wanting to maintain a healthy body to reduce the chance of illness and disease? We are all different, so what drives your neighbour may be completely different to what drives you. But what is common is you will both have a reason for doing what you are doing. Identify your “why”. When your “why” is clear, you will find it easier to drive towards your goals, even during a tough day. 

So really get clear on you what and why! Take a few minutes now and ask yourself, “What do I want? And why?” Is it time to check back in with us by booking your next body audit to see how you are tracking? Checking in with us every 8 weeks is the best way to track your success. Because your success is our success! 

See you soon!

Kim Brown